“Any country will condemn terrorism, but…’, America’s big reaction to India-Pakistan this time

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There has been tension between India and Pakistan for many years. In view of which all kinds of relations between these two countries are closed. Also, India has taken a clear stand that there will be no talks with Pakistan until it controls terrorism.

It is precisely in this situation that this time a big reaction has come forward from the side of America regarding India-Pakistan relations. Basically, America has also presented an important issue on terrorism this time. Which has already come up at the heart of the discussion.

What the US has said: Basically, on India-Pakistan relations, US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Vedanta Patel said, “We expect any country in the world to condemn terrorism anywhere. But ultimately it is India and Pakistan’s own issue.”

Vedanta Patel added, “We certainly welcome countries that want to build better relations with their neighbors.”

India-US relations were also discussed: Meanwhile, Vedanta Patel was asked if India has relations with any country with which America does not have good relations. Regarding this, Patel said, “India is a country with which we are deepening our relationship in several important areas. Our economic and security ties are growing steadily. This is an area where we will take it further.”


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