Golden opportunity for Indian tourists! Travel abroad for 60 days without visa

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Travel-thirsty tourists are underfoot all year round. And nowadays the trend of traveling abroad is also increasing among the tourists in addition to the country. But when it comes to traveling abroad, many people think that it is a huge expense! But there are many countries in the world where Indians can visit at a very low cost.

However, it is impossible to travel abroad without a visa. So lately Indians have to face problems in traveling to many countries due to visa. But recently, one of the great options for Indians to travel abroad is Thailand. This picture-perfect Thailand is a country where Indians will not need any visa to visit. If you have an Indian passport, you will be able to travel in this country.

But not only India, this list has the name of 93 other countries of the world. They can also safely visit Thailand without a visa. This visa visit rule is going to be introduced in Thailand from next July. Which is undoubtedly a very good news for the travel hungry tourists. Basically, the government of that country has decided to take such steps to improve the tourism industry of Thailand.

As a result, the tourism system of this country suffered a lot. So Thailand is going to introduce this no visa visit rule to strengthen Thailand’s tourism system. Under this decision, all employees, students, retirees can visit Thailand without a visa for two months.

According to the new visa rules, the government of Thailand is giving special privileges to foreign workers in that country. So the workers here will get the benefit of staying without visa for five months instead of two months. Not only that, it is being thought to extend the visa period for workers in the coming days. According to the new rules, Indian tourists will be allowed to stay in Thailand for 180 days for each trip.


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